Ariel Lanyi
Piano, Composer

Ariel was born in 1997 in Jerusalem. He began formal piano lessons just before his 5th birthday with Lea Agmon. Since then he has performed repeatedly at concerts at the Jerusalem Conservatory of Music and at various youth concerts, alone and with orchestra or string ensemble. He also studies violin and composition.
At age seven Ariel discovered jazz. After exploring the genre alone for half a year he started to study with J.C. Jones and played his first jazz session at a Kadima salon on his 8th birthday. Since then he has performed with his teacher at jazz clubs and festivals around Jerusalem. On his 9th birthday Kadima Collective Recordings released his first disc, 31 Bars, featuring mostly his own compositions.
In addition to classical and jazz piano, Ariel is also experimenting with guitar, double bass, drums, and electronic music. His main interest lies in combining classical forms of jazz with avant-garde and free improvisational techniques.

Home: +972-2-6414481

31 Bars
KCR 07
KCR 12
February 2008 -
KCR 14