Eyal Hareuveni

Eyal Hareuveni, journalist and music critic is an important member of the collective. A non-professional musician, his knowledge of the free music scene is an invaluable resource for others. He supports, promotes and writes about jazz and free improvisational music here and abroad. He also helps to coordinate special events and tours with international artists visiting Israel.


Currently living in West Jerusalem but dreaming of living near the Bla club in Oslo, or the Shinjuku Pit-Inn club in Tokyo. I'm a feline lover and loves to climb the hills of Jerusalem with his bike. A refusnik and peace activist. Working as a journalist for different Israeli newspapers since 1990 and now as a researcher and spokesman for human-rights and development NGO's. In 2003 I co-produced John Zorn's game-piece Cobra for the Israel Festival (though, Zorn cancelled his coming 48 hours before the scheduled concert), and now involved in the activity of the Jerusalem free-improv label Kadima Collective and took part in producing the first tour in Israel of French bass player Joelle Leandre in Nov. 2007.