Gershon Waiserfirer

Gershon Waiserfirer was born in 1972 in Tajikistan. In 1980 his family emigrated to Israel. His passion for music emerged at the age of 11, when he started playing the piano, the baritone horn, and later on the trombone at the Conservatory in Tel-Aviv.

After traditional studies at the Tel-Aviv Concervatory, the Center of Music and Dance from the East in Jerusalem, and the Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music, he continued his musical development mostly by studying on his own. He also studied acting at Beit Tsvi, one of the leading theater schools in Israel.

Together with theater studies, he began exploring different string instruments, including the guitar, the oud, and the jumbush. He is currently one of the most sought-after oud players in Israel. Owing to his virtuoso playing on a variety of instruments, he is a regular member of a large number of successful musical groups in Israel.
Waiserfirer has participated in many festivals in Israel as well as in New York, San-Francisco, Los Angeles, Rochester, Chicago, Boulder, Berlin, Barcelona, Madrid, and the Netherlands.