Harold Rubin

Harold Rubin was born in South Africa on Friday 13th, May 1932. He studied classical clarinet from the age of 16, although his main interest was in jazz. At age 18 he started playing at the Skyline night club In Johanesburg with Dulcy Ryder, and formed his quartette, performing the music of Duke Ellington, Count Basie, and Benny Goodman. They also performed at the Odin Cinema in the ghetto Sophiatown, before it was bulldozed and the citizens moved to Sowetto.

Rubin emigrated to Israel in 1963, after being tried for blasphemy for an art work named "My Jesus." He was interested in original music and had difficulty finding musicians to collaborate with, so he performed very little and stopped playing for 12 years. At the end of 1979 he started playing again and in 1985 formed Zaviot with Mark Smulian, Reuven Hoch, and Tommy Belman, playing original music. The group achieved success in Israel and Europe. In 1989 he became interested in total improvised music and has been involved in the process of developing the music wherever it takes him. He performs with small groups and is a member of the Tel Aviv Art Ensemble.
He has performed in festivals in Sibiu, Rumania, Berlin and Leverkusen Germany and in Copenhagen. In 2000 he performed at the Brooklyn Music Academy with Daniel Sarid and in
Opole festival Poland, the "Tinklai" festival Lithuania with Slava Ganelin and Arkady Gutesman 2007 at clubs in New York with Bob Meyer and Ed Schuller. He has released 11 albums.
Recent c.d's. In 2006 "A Monomusical Suite for Three Manic Musicians" with Maya Dunietz and Yoni Silver. Jazzis Records released "Trion" featuring Shmil Frankel, Ram Gabay, and Harold Rubin in April 2007.
He performs with various musicians in Israel and is currently working with Mark Smulian on new music.

Home: +972 3 546 3756
Mobile: +0545 260296

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