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1. The Lion (Sprinzak) with Joseph Sprinzak
2. Esther (Rubin) with Harold Rubin
3. Improvisation no. 1 with Yuval Mesner
4. Improvisation no. 2 with Yuval Mesner
5. Improvisation no. 1 with Gan Lev
6. Improvisation no. 2 with Gan Lev
7. Improvisation no. 3 with Gan Lev
8. Improvisation no. 4 with Gan Lev
9. Petite Petite with Yael Tai
10. Improvisation with Albert Beger
11. Improvisation no. 1 with Hagai Freshtman
12. Improvisation no. 2 with Hagai Freshtman
13. Improvisation no. 1 with Ariel Shibolet (dedicated to late Peter Kowald)
14. Improvisation no. 2 with Ariel Shinolet (dedicated to late Peter Kowald)
15. Improvisation no. 1 with Maya Dunietz
16. Improvisation no. 2 with Maya Dunietz
17. Improvisation no. 3 with Maya Dunietz
  Total time: 73:41

Jean Claude Jones (electro acoustic bass and live electronics), Josef Sprinzak (voice), Harold Rubin (clarinet, text), Yuval Mesner (cello), Gan Lev (alto sax, baryton), Yael Tai (vocals), Albert Beger (flute), Hagai Freshtman (drums), Ariel Shibolet (soprano sax), Maya Dunietz (piano)

“The CD is a big and beautiful piece of work. I like all the different pieces. They are all unique.The singer,(Yael Tai) and the saxophonist, (Gan Lev) are really great. You succeeded in creating unique universes, sounds, aand energies with your instrument. The disc is very personal. Bravo!” Joëlle Léandre