1. Petit Echo, impro 1. with Ned Rothenberg
2. Pizsa, impro 2. with Ned Rothenberg
3. JC.com, impro with Victoria Hanna
4. Impro with Harold Rubin
5. Impro with Joseph Sprinzak
6. Impro with Hagai Freshtman
7. Erre, impro no. 1 with Daniel Hoffman
8. Aie aie aie, impro no. 2 with Daniel Hoffman
9. Snake me with Gan Lev
10. Tableau 1. with Gan Lev
11. Tableau 2, with Gan Lev
12. Tableau 3. with Gan Lev
13. Little Men of War with Harold Rubin
14. Mosquitos 1 with Nori Jascoby
15. Impro 2. with Nori Jacoby
  Total time: 61:25

Jean Claude Jones (electro acoustic bass and Mac PowerBook), Ned Rothenberg (bass clarinet and alto sax), Victoria Hanna (vocals), Harold Rubin (Clarinet, original text), Joseph Sprinzak (voice), Hagai Fresthman (drums), Daniel Hoffman (violin), Gan Lev (reeds, home made didg), Nori Jacoby (viola, flutes)


“Very beautiful work.. and all the music is very personal” Joëlle Léandre
“ Bravo.Great sounds, energy and inventive interplay!” Mark Dresser
“ It is so great! I love the way it moves. All those duos never sound like the same modus op. Really some striking moments. The chemistry you get with the flutist and also the cellist is so strong.” Greg Cohen
“ Jones uses bass playing and technological wizardy to create a surreal soundscape teeming with life. The Kadima Collective music can only be described in terms of emotion. Duos II is recommended for reasons listeneres looking to regain the fascination and wonder music used to bring them”. Joshua Kline, Double Bassist Magazine
“ Jones, like Peter Kowald or other great bass players, releases the bass from its conventional role of timekeeping instrument. He abides with his own sense of fluid beat, and while he has studied the legacy of the bass through and through, his playing is very fresh and original, as if he's playing for the first time”. Eyal Hareuveni, All About Jazz
“ I became really absorbed in your whole vision. The variety you get out of the music keeps it moving forward and I can hear you directing the flow through your bass that always maintains interest and feeling. Nice soloists, too, who made the parts into a nice whole. Speaking of Stockhausen, your improvisations with the excellent vocalist reminded me of an early 60's electronic work of his "Der Gesang der Junglinge" from the Book of Daniel that is a fantastic audio experience to this day”. Alan Broadbant
“ Performances on the Kadima CDs range from divine to dreadful, with most listing towards the former attribute.” Ken Waxman, Jazz Word