1. Like a Kiss
2. Esther
3. Neanderthal Days
4. Curfew in Hebron
5. Little Men of War
6. Sanctuary
7. Sarah
8. Flight Prayer
9. Green Desert
10. Humam Dignity
  Total time: 45:29

Harold Rubin (clarinet, poems, cover drawing), Jean Claude Jones (electro acoustic bass & live electronics)
Recorded on May 2004 & July 2004 at Digi Hip Studios, Hod Hasharon, Israel


J.C. And I haveworked and performed together for some time now and the introduction of poetry started another kind of impetus and approach to the music and stimulated treading on some unfamiliar ground, which we welcomed.
We were aware of the words creating their own atmosphere, and influence, but we wanyed to work on a parallel flow of 3 seperatte voices, hoping that our senses & energy would somehow build an integrated structure out of it all.
(We sometimes hav a “4” voice bleeding through J.C.'s electronic system. A “subtext” echo, which we regard as part of our music. )
We had an intense time documenting it and although musical decisions were taken, we left enough space for open, freely improvised sections.
I love J.C.'s uniqueness and the complete commitment to his musical expression and the “making” process. He has given me a very special musical experience and a great time making this disc.
I want to thank Mark Smulian and Ram Chadnofsky for their help and input throughout this recording.
Harlod Rubin


“Ton duo avec Harold Rubin est vraiment tres beau, et tout ce que tu fais à la basse, beaucoup d'écoute aussi et de jeux, dans tous les sens du terme.c'est vraiment bien!!” Joëlle Léandre
“ This is the most satisfying release so far of Kadima Collective. Muse & Music documents two close musical partners and focuses on the wise and ironic beat poems of clarinet player and one of the forefathers of the Israeli Free Jazz scene, Harold Rubin... Rubin and Jones are aware that these poems create a certain atmosphere and feelings that influence and stimulate their open-ended improvisations, and try to follow these lines. Their openness, willingness to challenge themselves on any meeting and their playfulness and humor are captivating.” Eyal Hareuveni, All About Jazz