1. Ship of Fools
2. K.O.W
3. Agitation
4. Dyad
5. Groan
6. Heavy Metal
7. Slow Day
8. Ship of Fools 2
9. Mucho 2
10. Remue Menage
11. 11. P.U.T.T.
12. Rider
13. Wap
14. Quack
15. Figure Ground
16. Slow Duet
17. Arrival
  Total time: 46:34

Collaborative compositions by:
Jean Claude Jones (electro acoustic bass and live electronics), Loic Kessous (computer and live electronics), Stephen Horenstein (baritone saxophone)


Recorded and mixed at Kadima Studio, Jerusalem, May-June, 2006


“Thanks to the noble work of trumpeter Mazen Kerbaj and guitarist Sharif Sehnaoui, news of the free music scene in Lebanon has reached a wider public in recent times, and was doing so even before recent events once more catapulted Lebanon centre stage. But we still know very little of developments in free improv south of the border in Israel, which makes the appearance of this set of 17 tracks more than welcome. Jean Claude Jones (bass and electronics), Loic Kessous (computer and electronics) and Stephen Horenstein (baritone saxophone) serve up a tasty mezze – oops that's a Lebanese dish.. but no matter, national boundaries do not exist in this music – of pieces ranging from tight, scrabbling insect music of "Dyad" (Horenstein's gnarly baritone reminds us of how great a player he is on those albums with Bill Dixon) to the spacier electronic landscapes of "Heavy Metal". None of the pieces outstays its welcome – only two tracks go beyond the four-minute mark – which also makes a welcome change, even if it leaves one a little hungry for more. Perhaps Kerbaj and Sehnaoui can negotiate the minefield of bureaucracy and get these members of Jerusalem's Kadima Collective to play at the next edition of their Irtijal Festival in Beirut. That'd be a more meaningful move in promoting cross-border understanding and reconciliation than the empty rhetoric of Mr Bush and Ms Rice.–DW”
Dan Warburton, Paris Tranatlantic Magazine


“The Temperamental Trio expands current experiments in the latest forms of electroacoustic improvisation... the Temperamental Trio follows its own adventurous course, invented by three daring and restless souls who manage to transform their sonic collisions into a bold statement of creativity.” Eyal Hareuveni, All About Jazz