1. Number 12
2. Homage to Matisse
3. Number 61 (Brown, Blue, Brown on Blue) [t,p,s]
4. Yellow, Orange, Red on Orange [t,p,s]
5. White, Yellow, Red on Yellow
6. Light, Earth and Blue
7. Ochre and Red on Red [t,p,b]
8. White Band (Number 27) [v.t]
9. Three Reds [v,s]
10. Blue Cloud
11. White Cloud
12. Four Reds [t,b,s]
13. Black, Ochre, Red and Red [t,b,s]
14. Red, Gray, White on Yellow
15. Red, Black, Orange, Yellow on Yellow
16. Untitled (1959)
  Total time: 48:15

Track titles are from paintings by Mark Rothko


Ariel Shiolet (soprano saxophone), Aurora Josephson (voice), Jen Baker (trombone), Scott R. Looney (piano), Damon Smith (double bass)


Recorded by Scott R. Looney, 8 January, 2006 at 1510 Studios, Oakland, CA, USA
Mixed by Scott R. Looney
Cover: five linocuts by Aurora Josephson


Liner Notes:
This spontaneous, free-improvised session was recorded on a January afternoon after a leisurely, spontaneous lunch. Nothing was planned or discussed beforehand. First takes were the last ones, the ones you can find in this disc. Natural, home-brewed, organic music.
The five musicians- Israeli soprano sax player and Kadima Collective member Ariel Shibolet and four Bay Area Californians- pianist Scott R. Rooney, trombone player Jen Baker, bass player Damon Smith and vocalist Aurora Josephson, found themselves speaking the same language.
A language that suggests a common set of everyday gestures, based on past experiences and elaborated through an abstract system of personal sounds, always with an emphatic tone.
A language that stresses wide open minds and ears, constant cooperation and shared attitudes.
A language of soft and patient moves, of split-second decisions, of gentle balances and dense flux, of elastic and careful gives and takes, of changing colors and dynamics, of laughter and serious expressions. A language that is very intense, but at the same time very fragile.
A global language. It is a language of musical comrades and meeting minds, always ready to explore new routes. A language that is more than words, pure music.
Eyal Hareuveni
November 2006, Jerusalem, Israel