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1. Sand Dance
2. Naiara on the Floor
3. Abigail’s Angel
4. Miriam’s Game
5. Voice Game
6. Iben Walks
A Quiet Place for Mr. K.K
7. Move One
8. Phase Two
9. Triples
10. Quatros
11. Quintos
  Total time: 48:09

After a great 70th birthday party, Miriam and I flew to Amsterdam to see our daughter Abigail’s 2nd year final choreography project at the SNDO of De Theaterschool.

The concentrated intensity and imaginative performances of these young men and women was an exciting and stimulating
experience, which motivated me to start this One Voice venture.

I became involved with the inner momentum and dynamics manifested in their movement and time sense, and my approach became an attempt to project the vivid images and feelings that these wonderful young dancers and choreographers gave me.

A Quiet Place for Mr. K.K. relates to a psychotic King Kong living in our now world, where brutality has become a way of life and fragile fragments of joy alleviate a terrifying sense of sadness.

I thank Mark Smulian for loving my “dirty” way of playing and taking me through this recording, leaving the clicks, puffs, and muffs to be part of it all.

I want to thank Yosi Akshoti for planting the original idea into my head, Dror Maayan for his photograph, and Titti Karma for graphic help.