Whatever It Takes
JC Jones guitar & Denis Fournier drums
KCR 43, 2016




Jones and French self-taught drummer Denis Fournier collaborated in a short-lived trio in the early nineties, soon after Jones completed his studies at the Berklee College of Music in Boston and before he relocated to Jerusalem. This time, Fournier sent some free-associative, improvised ideas to Jones by e-mail, Jones chose the pieces he liked, edited some and added his lap-style acoustic guitar. Fournier says that both did not intend to overlook the perilous situation of Jones but to fulfill it with improvised music.


The untitled, short pieces radiate a sense of an organic, emphatic interplay and clever tension building as if Jones and Fournier were playing together in a small room. Both are adventurous souls who share a need to search and to stretch their sonic envelopes. Still, Fournier is the one that suggests the course on most of the pieces and Jones is that one that comments and abstracts his ideas. There are enough playful moments here, a kind of tortured swing on the third piece, irony and humor on the fifth piece where both sound as if deconstructing each other ideas and an intriguing story-like narrative on the sixth piece.