Nori Jacoby
Viola, Composer

Nori Jacoby studied music and composition at the Israel Arts and Science Academy in Jerusalem with Prof. Andre Hadju and Dr. Michael Wolpe.


His chamber and orchestral music include “Jerusalem Dream” (2005), “Symphonic Concerto” (2003), “Lullaby" (2002), “Prayer” (1998), and “Kaprizma” (1999), which were broadcast by Israeli Radio. Jacoby has created music for the Israeli Contemporary String Quartet and the rock band The Revenge of The Tractor (for the Spring Festival, 2004). Since the Israel Festival in 2004, Nori has been performing in “Writing From Within,” an evening based on ancient Chassidic music.


In the last few years, Jacoby has been collaborating with the Israeli singer Victoria Hanna. In 2003 Nori has accompanied Hanna in the opening of The New Delhi Sacred Music Festival in the presence of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.


Jacoby played his compositions and arrangements in distinguished festivals around the world, including the Singapore Art Festival (2006); the Chicago World Music Festival (2005); the Melbourne Festival (2005); the London Jewish Culture Festival (Place Theater 1999); the Krakow Dance Festival (2001); the Israel Festival (2003, 2004).


Jacoby has played in ensembles of improvised music, including Between the Strings with JC Jones and Daniel Hoffman, and Mysteria, an ethnic acoustic and electronic contemporary ensemble. At the Israeli Festival (2003) Nori prompted the Israeli premiere of John Zorn’s Cobra



J.C. Jones With Friends
Duos II
KCR 02, 2005
Ariel Shibolet and Between the Strings LIVE AT THE TEL AVIV MUSEUM
November 2006 -
KCR 13
February 2008 -
KCR 14
Jacoby / Kretzmer/ Fershtman
One afternoon
KCR 21, 2010
Shibolet soprano sax / Jacoby viola
KCR 28, 2010