Roni Brenner

Born in 1986. At age 12 started her guitar studies with Michel Mayer. Finished her music studies with honors in the WIZO Arts High School in Haifa, Israel.
Currently studying composition with Mr. Yuval Shaked.
In 2006 Brenner received a composition scholarship from the America Israel Cultural Foundation.

Currently studies music and theatre at the Haifa University.
Current projects include a duo with pianist Maya Dunietz, and Improvised Music groups 'Tanaka' and '24 Limbs'.
Since September 2006 the group Tanaka is responsible for arranging workshops and concerts at the "Pyramida – Center For Contemporary Art" in Haifa, Israel. Roni is also one of organizers of The Tel Aviv Meetings which are encounters of Improvised Music musicians, that are held on the last Friday of every month at Hagada Hasmalit in Tel Aviv.

Has performed with: Ariel Shibolet, Yoram Lachish, Yoni Silver, Shmil Frenkel, Jean-Claude Jones, Maya Dunietz, Adi Snir, Michel Mayer, Daniel Davidovsky, Damon Smith (USA), Birgit Ulher (Germany), John Butcher (UK), Eddie Prevost (UK), Tom Tlalim (Holland), Nori Yaakovi, Wolfgang Fuchs (Germany).


Has recorded with: Damon Smith (USA), Birgit Ulher (Germany), Ariel Shibolet, Adi Snir, Michel Mayer, Ofer Bymel.



Tanaka - Lithp
KCR 15, 2008