Yoram Lachish
(Oboe, English Horn, Shehnai, Zurna)

Performer, improviser, and composer, Yoram Lachish combines the discipline of a classical foundation with improvising skills. In addition to the oboe and the English horn, Yoram plays a variety of ethnic wind instruments such as the Shehnai (Indian oboe) and Zurna (Turkish oboe), sometimes equipped with electronic facilities.
His experience as a classical player includes, among others, the Israeli Chamber Orchestra with whom he appeared as soloist, the Israel Kibbutz Orchestra, and other classical ensembles, with whom he has performed in Germany’s Mitte Europa International festival, in Switzerland’s Verbier Festival, as well as in Italy, Spain, France, Japan, China, and Hong-Kong.
Yoram's involvement with the jazz, rock,, and world music scene in Israel has led to the establishment of Common Bond, an eight-piece band performing a mixture of ethnic world jazz. Established in 1999, the Common Bond has performed around Israel has appeared in several international music festivals. Yoram performed and recorded with leading Israeli rock and pop Israeli artists such as Mind Church and Mika Karni. In 2004 Yoram was included in the European Jazz Orchestra, Swinging Europe, with whom he toured Europe and Brazil.
In the last years, Yoram has become involved in Tel-Aviv's experimental music scene. He is a member of the Tel-Aviv Art Ensemble, a large instrumental ensemble dedicated to performing new improvised music. Yoram also collaborates with artists in a variety of fields, including dancers, video artists, and electronic musicians.



Wight Night in
Tel Aviv
June 2006 -
KCR 11, 2007