Triptych #6 – Irina-Kalina Goudeva: Recomenzar El Infinito Double-Bass & Voice

CD: Contemporary acoustic and electro-acoustic music - 60:16
DVD: Video clips and documentaries - 60:00


Art booklet: 32 pages - info about the recordings, photographies, abstract pictures by Ewa Skowronska Slaw.

Adi Snir
Albert Beger
Anat Pick
Ariel Lanyi
Ariel Shibolet
Daniel Hoffman
Eyal Hareuveni
Gershon Waiserfirer
Haggai Fershtman
Harold Rubin
Ido Govrin
Jonathan Albalak
Joseph Sprinzak
Nori Jacoby
Roni Brenner
Stephen Horenstein
Yonatan Kretzmer
Yoram Lachish
Yuval Mesner


Triptych #5 Traces - Barre Phillips - Fifty years of measured memories

DVD: Temporaneous - 1 hour 25 minutes of Barre playing solo and talking about music.

CD: Opus One - a 38-minute collector's item.
Barre Phillips's original recording from Journal Violone,1968. The first recording of solo double bass free improvising, remastered and digitized in May 2012.

Book: 150 page visual memoir including photos, posters, album covers from double-bassist Barre Phillips's personal archives spanning 50 years of activity.


Triptych #4– Tetsu Saitoh: Strings & The Moon

Dedicated to the survivors and victims of the devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunami that hit Japan on March 3, 2011.

DVD: 1h 52 minute - Tetsu Sainoh 5Bass Ensemble Gen311. Filmed during the time of the earthquake and its aftermath. All music by Tetsu Saitoh. The name of the 5 bass ensemble GEN 311 derives from the date of the catastrophe. ( GEN means String in Japanese).

CD: 52 minute, Moonstruck - featuring Tetsu Saitoh bass, Lauren Newton vocals, Kazue Sawai 17 strings bass koto.


76 page Art Book: paintings by Yuji Kobayashi and Lauren Newton, calligraphies by Chie Inu.



Triptych #3 – Joëlle Leandre: Solo

CD: 38 minutes bass solo, Piednu, France, 2005
DVD: 33 minutes bass solo, Guelph Jazz Festival, Canada, 2009


160 page book


The unique voice of double-bassist Joëlle Léandre moves back and forth between the
worlds of theatre, poetry, dance, improvi- sation and composition. With passion and fire,
she recounts her main sources of inspiration, encounters with John Cage, Peter Kowald, Giacinto Scelsi, Steve Lacy, Philippe Fénélon, Betsy Jolas, Derek Bailey, George Lewis, Anthony Braxton among others…


Triptych #2 – Deep Tones For Peace

CD: SLM, by Mark Dresser and Sarah Weaver, telematic performance between Jerusalem and New York City (49 minutes).
DVD: One and a half hour film by Christine Baudillon and Francois Lagarde documenting the Deep Tones events and concerts in Israel.


Photography booklet

Triptych #1 – Mark Dresser: Guts
Bass explorations, Investigations and Explanations

CD: Solo bass improvisations, compositions and interpretations (48:57).
DVD: A demonstration of Mark Dresser’s use of extended techniques with downloadable pdf files of notated reference charts, musical excerpts, and concert pieces.
Mark Dresser discusses improvisation, composition, and developing a personal sound.
A conversation between Pulitzer Prize winning composer Roger Reynolds and Mark Dresser on their collaboration.(2 hours 28 minutes).


Art booklet


Listening back
1983 to 2923

Jean Claude JC Jones Special guests Eric Schultz, Brett Taylor, Noam David, Raymond Boni
KCR 56, 2023


Ode to Life
Jean Claude JC Jones Voice Guitar Piano
KCR 55, 2021


Virtual Guitar Duos
Claude Barthelemy, Gerard Pansanel, Richard Bonnet, Serge Lazarevitch, Jean Claude JC Jones, Raymond Boni, Patrice Soletti. Philippe Deschepper
KCR 54, 2020
Kadima Distance Recordings


Vocalists Meira Asher, Esti Kenan Ofri, Anat Pick, Josef Sprinzak
and Jean Claude JC Jones guitar
KCR 53, 2020
Kadima Distance Recordings


Dead Cool
Sophie Agnel, Yael Barolsky, Raphael Saint- Remy Ulrich Krieger, Catherine Jauniaux, Jean Claude JC Jones
KCR 52, 2019
Kadima Distance Recordings


Give it your all - Wild Guitar Musings 2
Jean Claude Jones, solo guitar
KCR 51, 2018


La Sprezzatura Ensemble
Esti Kenan Ofri voice, Jean Claude Jones guitar, Oren Friedbass percussion
KCR 50, 2018


Visions of Sound
Jean Claude Jones guitar, Raymond Boni guitar
KCR 49, 2018


Keep on Dancing
Jean Claude JC Jones lap-style plugged-in spanish guitar,
Haim Peskoff percussion, Oren Fried percussion, Denis Fournier percussion
KCR 48, 2017


Jean Claude JC Jones bass,
lap-style spanish plugged-in guitar and tibetan bowls, Hagai Bilitzky bass,
Ariel Lanyi vioin, Ilan Volkov violin, un-identified web cello
KCR 47, 2017


The Eb Lydian Augmented project
Steve Horenstein, baryton saxophone
JC Jones Bass
KCR 46, 2017


Sick Puppies in Love
Anat Pick voice, objects Jean Claude (JC) Jones lap-style spanish guitar, voice, sound processing
KCR 45, 2017


Jean Claude (JC) Jones lap-style spanish guitar PTs plug-ins bass banjo Raphael Saint-Remy piano tpt haut-cuivre electronics
KCR 44, 2016


Whatever It Takes
JC Jones guitar & Denis Fournier drums
KCR 43, 2016


Wild Strings Musings
Jean Claude (JC) Jones Lap-style classical guitar free improvisations
KCR 42, 2016


The Drought Bell
JIdo Bukelman - Acoustic Guitar Banjo Solo Works
KCR 41, 2015


Esoteric Duos
Jones Kretzmer back
KCR 40, 2016

See review


5 Strophes
Louis Michel Marion: Contrebasse solo
KCR 39, 2014

Unpremeditated music is the true gauge which measures the current of our thoughts, the very undertow of our life’s stream. Henry David Thoreau / Journal.


Joelle Leandre: Contrebasse /voix
Serge Teyssot - Gay: Electric guitar
Paris, 2012


Ondes Primitives
Fred Marty - Contrebasse solo
KCR 38, 2013

The music is dense, varied, and energetic in its execution and form. The bass moans, growls, sings, shivers, pants, hums, and its errant moods strike an intimate chord.



Myelination 2
Meira Asher: voice, no-input mixer, Doepfer synthesizer, JC Jones: double-bass
KCR 37, 2013

Spontaneous organic interactions over sounds emanating from the human body.




JC Jones Solo Bass
KCR 36, 2012

Citations, like all valued works of art, is an odyssey. It is a journey into Jean Claude’s innermost emotions and energies which he channels, almost subliminally, through all manner of hand and bow application to the strings and body of his double bass.



All Strung Out
Denman Maroney: Hyperpiano & Dominic Lash: Contrabass
KCR 35, 2012

Through glancing sonic collisions and temporal deviations the strings of the piano and the bass weave a complex, narrative web of discovery and description.



The Ethnic Project
Vinny Golia, ethnic woodwinds, duets with double-bassists Barre Phillips, Joelle Leandre, Bert Turetzky, Lisa Mezzacappa
KCR 34, 2011

Improvisations incorporating ethnic aereophones and con- temporary contrabass sounds.



Ido Bukelman - The Door - Acoustic Guitar Solo Works
KCR 33, 2011


Myelination - JC Jones
KCR 32, 2011

This project brings together science and music, enabling an unusual and evocative window into the illness MS. The vibrations of the myelin protein were analyzed by quantum mechanics and brought into the audible realm. Then musicians were invited to record over the myelin sounds emanating from the laboratory. Featuring Steve Horenstein baritone sax,Yoni Silver bass clarinet, Harold Rubin clarinet and voice, Ariel Shibolet soprano sax, Jake Marmer poetry, JC Jones bass and vocalist Yael Tai.


Mark Dresser, Irina-Kalina Goudeva, JC Jones, Barre Phillips, Bert Turetzky.
Sonic Brotherhood
KCR 31, 2011

Previously unreleased Deep Tones for Peace
recordings in Israel, April 2009.


Bert Turetzky bass / Vinny Golia woodwinds / George Lewis trombone
Triangulation II
KCR 30, 2010


Shibolet soprano sax / Haggai Fershtman drums
The Cy Twombly Trilogy
Happiness for things unseen
KCR 29, 2010



Shibolet soprano sax / Nori Jacoby viola
The Cy Twombly Trilogy
Scenes from an ideal marriage
KCR 28, 2010


Ariel Shibolet sax solo
The Cy Twombly Trilogy
KCR 27, 2010


Live at the Total Music Meeting, Berlin 2007


Vinny Golia woodwinds / Mark Dresser contrabass
Live at Lotus
KCR 26, 2010


Bert Turetzky - contrabass and Vinny Golia - woodwinds
The San Diego session
KCR 24,2009


Ned Rothenberg - reeds, Catherine Jauniaux - vocals, Barre Phillips - stringbass
While you were out
KCR 23, 2009


Joelle Leandre contrebasse &
Jean Luc Cappozzo trumpet
KCR 22, 2009


Live aux Instants Chavires, 2009


Joelle Leandre contrebasse &
Jean Luc Cappozzo trumpet
KCR 22, 2009


Live aux Instants Chavires, 2009


Peter Kowald bass, Vinny Golia woodwinds
KCR 20, 2009


Late legendary bassist and virtuoso woodwinds player, Los Angeles 2000


Gunter Baby Sommer
Live in Jerusalem,
KCR 19, 2009


Kadima Music Salon July 2008
Gunter Baby Sommer drums, Assif Tsahar bass clarinet, Steve Horenstein baritone and soprano saxophones, JC Jones bass, Jonatan Albalak guitar, Yoni Silver bass clarinet, Yonatan Kretzmer tenor saxophone.


Mark Dresser & Denman Maroney
Live in concert
KCR 18, 2009


AllAboutJazz - New York Best Performance of the Year) Denman Maroney/Mark Dresser, Vision Festival - June 11, 2008


Joelle Leandre
Live in Israel
KCR 17, 2008



Double cd
cd 1: 7 Solos
cd 2 : sextet featuring Assif Tsachar bass clarinet , Ariel Shibolet soprano saxophone, Albert Beger tenor saxophone, Haggai Fershtman drums, Daniel Sarid piano trio with Steve Horenstein barytone,soprano saxophones and flute, J-C Jones bass.
Duo with Sameer Makhoul oud


Joelle Leandre / Barre Phillips
A l'improviste
KCR 16, 2008



Two improvising string basses, masters Joelle Leandre and Barre Phillips in an aural experiment that is beyond our conventional definitions musical form and manner, an insighful conversationbetween two kindred souls and old friends who never documented their collaborations in a duet format.


Tanaka - Lithp

KCR 15, 2008


Improvised music group originating from Haifa, Israel. Ofer Bymel, drums.
Adi Snir soprano saxophone, Michel Mayer guitar, Ronni Benner guitar.
A clean, sophisticated minimalist style and a sound that fits snuggly into the soft abstract current European scene.


Jean Claude Jones ReComp
KCR 14, 2008


As opposed to mere editing, recomp involves the deconstruction, subtraction, selection, rearrangement, and reconstruction of the material. It not only changes the sequencing, but it radically affects the feeling and flow of the music, revealing new connections, transitions, and possibilities.

Featuring Avishai Cohen bass, Yuval Mesner cello, Steve Horenstein bass clarinet and flute, Eyal Maoz guitar, Ned Rothenberg alto sax, Ariel, Harold Rubin clarinet, Daniel Hoffman violin, Nori Jacoby viola, Arkady Gotesman drums.


Ariel Shibolet and Between the Strings
KCR 13, 2007

Ariel Shibolet, JCJones, Daniel Hoffman and Nori Jacoby are all members of the Kadima Collective

Recorded live in November 2006 - Co- produced by Kadima Collective Recordings and Ariel Shibolet

liner notes

KCR 12, 2007

Ariel: Piano


Recorded at the Kadima Studio, Jerusalem, May-July 2007.
Recorded and mixed by Ori Winokur

liner notes

White Night in Tel Aviv
June 2006 - KCR 11, 2007

Slava Ganelin - John Tchicai - John Bostok - Mark O'Leary - Albert Beger - JC Jones - Steve Horenstein - Ariel Shibolet - Rafal Mazur - Olga Magieres - Yoram Lachish - Noam David - Harold Rubin - Shmil Frankel - Zvi Joffe - Arnon Zimra - Arkady Gotesman - Wlodzimierz Kiniorski - Marek Choloniewski -
Loic Kessous

liner notes

Untitled (1959)
KCR 09, 2007


Track titles are from paintings by Mark Rothko

Ariel Shiolet (soprano saxophone), Aurora Josephson (voice), Jen Baker (trombone), Scott R. Looney (piano), Damon Smith (double bass)

Recorded by Scott R. Looney, 8 January, 2006 at 1510 Studios, Oakland, CA, USA
Mixed by Scott R. Looney
Cover: five linocuts by Aurora Josephson

liner notes

J.C. Jones
Hosting Myself
KCR 08, 2006


J.C. Jones (electro acoustic bass, live electronics)

This solo bass album is a distillation of my language, the articulation of my voice on my instrument. It is free improvised music, focused on energy and the moment.
This project incorporates electro-acoustic sounds and noises, groovy rhythmical games and sporadic forays into melody.

liner notes

31 Bars
KCR 07, 2006


Ariel ( piano) with guests: Jean Claude Jones (bass), Jess Koren (tenor saxophone), Harold Rubin (clarinet), Jerry Garval (drums)

Recorded at the Kadima Studio, Jerusalem, May-September 2006.
Recorded and mixed by Ori Winokur. Cover art by Ariel.

liner notes

Temperamental Trio
Raw and the Cooked
KCR 06, 2006


Collaborative compositions by:
Jean Claude Jones (electro acoustic bass and live electronics), Loic Kessous (computer and live electronics), Stephen Horenstein (baritone saxophone)

Recorded and mixed at Kadima Studio, Jerusalem, May-June, 2006

liner notes

Gan Lev & Jean Claude Jones
KCR 05, 2005


Gan Lev (soprano, alto and baritone saxes, voice, recording and production), Jean Claude Jones (bass & electronics)

“This set of seventeen duets, most of them less than two minutes long and all recorded in one afternoon, is offering head-on collisions between two seasoned musicians that are full of primal ideas and an endless urge to investigate the sonorities of their instruments...” Eyal Hareuveni, All About Jazz

liner notes

Joseph Sprinzak/ Jean Claude Jones
The World is Round: Sound Text Composition based on Story by Gertrude Stein
KCR 04, 2005

Created and performed by:
Josef Sprinzak (voice, drawings) and Jean Claude Jones (bass and electronics).
Disk includes special booklet with introduction by the poet and scholar Haviva Pedaya, the Hebrew text of the story and illustrations by Sprinzak.
Recorded at Keshet Studios, Jerusalem, Israel.

liner notes

Harold Rubin & J.C. Jones
Muse & Music
KCR 03, 2005

Harold Rubin (clarinet, poems, cover drawing), Jean Claude Jones (electro acoustic bass & live electronics)
Recorded on May 2004 & July 2004 at Digi Hip Studios, Hod Hasharon, Israel

liner notes

J.C. Jones With Friends
Duos II
KCR 02, 2005

Jean Claude Jones (electro acoustic bass and Mac PowerBook), Ned Rothenberg (bass clarinet and alto sax), Victoria Hanna (vocals), Harold Rubin (Clarinet, original text), Joseph Sprinzak (voice), Hagai Fresthman (drums), Daniel Hoffman (violin), Gan Lev (reeds, home made didg), Nori Jacoby (viola, flutes)


Jean Claude Jones With Friends
KCR 01, 2004

Jean Claude Jones (electro acoustic bass and live electronics), Josef Sprinzak (voice), Harold Rubin (clarinet, text), Yuval Mesner (cello), Gan Lev (alto sax, baryton), Yael Tai (vocals), Albert Beger (flute), Haggai Fershtman (drums), Ariel Shibolet (soprano sax), Maya Dunietz (piano)



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