The Triptych Series -
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Gros Plan Mark Dresser
Jazz Magazine Jazzman November 2010

Triptych #1 – Mark Dresser: Guts, May 2010
Triptych #2 – Deep Tones For Peace featuring Barre Phillips, Irina Kalina-Goudeva, JC Jones, Mark Dresser, Bert Turetzky, June 2010
Triptych #3 – Solo, April 2011
Triptych #4– Tetsu Saitoh: Strings &The Moon, January 2012
Triptych #5 - Barre Phillips: Traces, July 2012

Triptych #6 - Irina-Kalina Goudeva: Recomenzar El Infinito, 2014




International Society of Bassists, reward 2013

Down Beat article,
June 2013
Give it your all
by Eric Harabadian

Jean Claude Jones is a true representative of the artistic and improvisational spirit of the independent jazz musician.
He has made his mark on the world as first-call bassist, composer, educator, bandleader, recording engineer/producer and record label owner. And he's accomplished it all against incredible odds.



Kadima's story
by Stuart Broomer
All About Jazz

When you first come across the recordings on Kadima Collective, a couple of things stand out. The first is that the label, devoted to free improvisation, is based in Israel; secondly, there's a good chance that the CD will feature a bassist, often one of substantial international stature, like Barre Phillips, Mark Dresser or Joëlle Léandre.
Those distinguishing marks can be traced to the founder of both the Kadima Collective and the eponymous label, Jean-Claude Jones, a bassist of the first rank himself. Born in Tunisia and raised in France, Jones is a Berklee College graduate who immigrated to Israel in 1983.


Bertram Turetzky: Contrabass Pioneer
by Robert Bush
All About Jazz
March 18,2011
Contrabassist Bertram Turetzky's career is nothing short of extraordinary. He almost single handedly redefined the role of the bass in 20th Century classical music, from one of back row support to that of featured and celebrated soloist. Even within the confines of classical music, Turetzky's range is huge: he is a master of early, pre- Bach music; a noted performer of chamber music; a veteran of symphonic ensembles; and he's played everything from Brahms and Strauss to 20th Century mavericks like John Cage and Edgard Varese.
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