Founded in 2005 by double-bassist Jean Claude (JC) Jones, the Kadima Collective is a network of musicians and visual artists involved in Free Improvised Performance.

The Kadima Recordings label (KCR) produces CDs, DVDs and books, assists in promoting improvisational music and provides a venue for musical salons in Jerusalem, Israel. It also offers free Pro Tools studio recording, editing, mixing and mastering to Kadima artists.


The Kadima Triptych Series - Multi-Media Bass projects - A three item package

The DVD includes a musical performance or an educational documentary of a master bassist.
The CD documents his/her latest work.
The TEXT contains notation, art, memoir, or musical manifesto.



Triptych #1 – Mark Dresser: Guts - $29

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Bass explorations, Investigations and Explanations
CD: Solo bass improvisations, compositions and interpretations (48:57).
DVD: A demonstration of Mark Dresser’s use of extended techniques with downloadable pdf files of notated reference charts, musical excerpts, and concert pieces.
Mark Dresser discusses improvisation, composition, and developing a personal sound.
A conversation between Pulitzer Prize winning composer Roger Reynolds and Mark Dresser on their collaboration.(2 hours 28 minutes).
Art booklet.

Triptych #2 – Deep Tones For Peace - Free with any purchase of another triptych

A historic event held in 2009 featuring 13 internationally renowned bassists performing for peace in the Middle East: Thierry Barbe, Mark Dresser, Trevor Dunn, Henry Grimes, Irina-Kalina Goudeva, Lindsey Horner, JC Jones, Michael Klinghoffer, Chi-chi Nwanoku, William Parker, Barre Phillips, Dave Phillips, Rufus Reid, Bert Turetzky and Sarah Weaver.
CD: SLM, by Mark Dresser and Sarah Weaver, telematic performance between Jerusalem and New York City (49 minutes).
DVD: One and a half hour film by Christine Baudillon and Francois Lagarde documenting the Deep Tones events and concerts in Israel.
Photography booklet.

Triptych #3 – Joëlle Leandre: Solo - $39

The unique voice of double-bassist Joëlle Léandre moves back and forth between the worlds of theatre, poetry, dance, improvisation and composition. With passion and fire, she recounts her main sources of inspiration, encounters with John Cage, Peter Kowald, Giacinto Scelsi, Steve Lacy, Philippe Fénélon, Betsy Jolas, Derek Bailey, George Lewis, Anthony Braxton among others…
CD: 38 minutes bass solo, Piednu, France, 2005
DVD: 33 minutes bass solo, Guelph Jazz Festival, Canada, 2009
160 page book.








Triptych #4 - Tetsu Saitoh: Strings & The Moon
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Triptych #5: Traces - Barre Phillips - Fifty years of measured memories
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Dedicated to the survivors and victims of the devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunami that hit Japan on March 3, 2011.
DVD: (1h 52 minute) Filmed during the time of the earthquake and its aftermath. All music by Tetsu Sainoh. The name of the 5 bass ensemble GEN 311 derives from the date of the catastrophe. ( GEN means String in Japanese).
CD: (52 minute) Free Improvisations - Tetsu Saitoh (bass), Lauren Newton ( vocals), Kazue Sawai (koto and 17 string bass koto). The pleasure of this recording reminds us that East meets West and that traditional ethnic and contemporary sounds are wonderfully compatible.
Art Book (76 pages): Double-bass drawings by Yuji Kobayashi, calligraphy by Chie Inui ( string and moon ) and paintings by Lauren Newton.

DVD: Temporaneous - 1 hour 25 minutes of Barre playing solo and talking about music.
CD: Opus One - 38 minutes collector's item. Barre's original recording from Journal Violone 1968, the very first recording of solo bass improvising.
Book: 150 page visual memoir including photos, posters, album covers from Barre's personal archives spanning 50 years of activity.





New Release

Triptych #6 - Irina-Kalina Goudeva: Recomenzar El Infinito - $30

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CD: a compelling collection of solo and trio pieces in the style of avant-garde and contemporary acoustic and electro-acoustic music. 60:16
DVD: An innovative holistic approach to synthesizing theatrical and audio medias. Nine video clips, three solos, one solo and orchestra, five ensemble works, one documentary and one bonus. 60:00
Art booklet: 32 pages of information about the music and the creators involved. Photography by Claude Dussez and a collection of abstract works by artist and designer Ewa Slaw.

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