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1. ורד היא ורד
2. Love ושמו Loveכלב
3. וילי זה וילי
4. וילי והינשופים
5. ורד לומדת בבית הספר
6. וילי והאריה שלו
7. וילי והאריה של וילי
8. האיש עם התוף
9. וילי היקר והמתוק
10. הסוף
  Total time: 31:53

Created and performed by:
Josef Sprinzak (voice, drawings) and Jean Claude Jones (bass and electronics).
Disk includes special booklet with introduction by the poet and scholar Haviva Pedaya, the Hebrew text of the story and illustrations by Sprinzak.
Recorded at Keshet Studios, Jerusalem, Israel.


The World is Round is based on an original hebrew translation of Gertrude Stein's only children's story by Sprinzak. The story is a kind of animation to Stein's famous sentence, "A Rose is a Rose is a Rose". It Tells the story of a girl called Rose who asks herself: "would I be Rose if my name had not been Rose". The piece, which can be seen as a "children's story for adults", tries to reflect on the childhood experience when language is formed and our personal perception of the world tries to relate with a social-external view of it.
The vocal-musical composition tries to touch this primal and innocent moment. The piece combines influences of avant-garde sound text art such as Dada songs or works of John Cage and Laurie Anderson with an investigation into the sounds of the hebrew language, and its relations between word, vocalization and image. The intermixing of the speech and the sounds produced by Jean Claude Jones creates "vocal images" of characters and landscapes.

“This release stands as a sincere document of very unique and inspiring performance and an excellent showcase of Sprinzak abilities as a highly skilled vocal artist.” Eyal Hareuveni, All About Jazz