In the hands of prolific mistress of the bull fiddle Joelle Leandre and trumpeter Jean-Luc Cappozzo, the combination of horn and primarily bowed bass makes for a simpatico blend. While their 47-minute Paris duet on Live Aux Instants Chavires isn't the first time they had played together, there is still a vibrant freshness to their dialogue across the eight cuts. Leandre's prodigious technique and passionate humanity can be taken for granted, but Cappozzo, who once shared a stage with Dizzy Gillespie, matches her peerless expression. Now part of the Globe Unity Orchestra , the trumpeter has also recorded with fellow trumpeter Herb Robertson and reedman Louis Sclavis to vouchsafe his avant credentials.

Cappozzo's disintegrating pinched tones are drenched by great waves of arco bass crashing on the bandstand in the attention grabbing "Instant chav 1." Elsewhere the simultaneous soloing manifests in buzzing trumpet shards intercepting arco harmonics, post-bop patterns pitching against volcanic bass eruptions and muted growls policing operatic declamations' decline into muttering and whispers, as the two live easily on their wits.
John Sharpe