Ofer Bymel

Born in 1984. At age 8 started his piano studies with Sarah Talman at the Rubin Conservatory in Haifa.
At age 14 started his drum studies.
In 2008 graduated from the Academy of Music and Dance Jerusalem in the field of composition.
Currently studying piano with Miriam Gorbonos at the Donia-Weizman Conservatory in Haifa.

In 2005 established a workshop based music school with Haifa guitarist Ronen Kasperski.
Has played in numerous groups and bands in different styles from Heavy Rock, Metal, Punk, Funk, Fusion, Jazz, Free-Jazz Avant-garde to Improvised Music.
Currently a member of the Improvised Music groups 'Tanaka' and '24 Limbs'. Also a member of the Heavy Rock band 'Shpeck'.

Since September 2006 the group Tanaka is responsible for arranging workshops and concerts at the "Pyramida – Center For Contemporary Art" in Haifa, Israel. Ofer is also one of the organizers of The Tel Aviv Meetings which are encounters of Improvised Music musicians, that are held on the last Friday of every month at Hagada Hasmalit in Tel Aviv.

Has performed with: Ariel Shibolet, Yoram Lachish, Yoni Silver, Shmil Frenkel, Harold Rubin, Jean-Claude Jones, Assif Tsahar, Stephen Horenstein, Adi Snir, Michel Mayer, Roni Brenner, Daniel Davidovsky, Ran Slavin, Daniel Sarid, Damon Smith (USA), Birgit Ulher (Germany), John Butcher (UK), Eddie Prevost (UK), Joseph Sprinzak, Eran Sachs, Tom Tlalim (Holland), Nori Yaakovi, Wolfgang Fuchs (Germany), Haggai Fershtman,
Has recorded with: Damon Smith (USA), Birgit Ulher (Germany), Ariel Shibolet, Adi Snir, Roni Brenner, Michel Mayer.


J.C. Jones With Friends
Duos II
KCR 02, 2005
Ariel Shibolet and Between the Strings LIVE AT THE TEL AVIV MUSEUM
November 2006 -
KCR 13
February 2008 -
KCR 14
Jacoby / Kretzmer/ Fershtman
One afternoon
KCR 21, 2010
Shibolet soprano sax / Jacoby viola
KCR 28, 2010